It was a hot August day and as I walked my pups, they saw an ice cream truck roll through our neighborhood. They were fixated by the simple melody of “The Entertainer” echoing for blocks and locked on to the van immediately. As the van rolled by, I thought to myself “if that van had dog treats- ice cream, biscuits, whatever, I would have given the $10 bucks in my pocket just to treat my boys.” I posted the video and got shamed for not hooking them up with a treat, the problem was we don’t feed them people food.

Soooo in the age of making radical career decisions, I decided to bring that vision to life. And the idea was born to buy a van, have it customized to look like a big dog, trick it out with all-weather speakers, a 65” UHD Smart TV, get a wagging tail fabricated and “T DUBZ” came to life straight out of an episode of Pimp My Ride.

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