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Your dog treat ingredients shouldn’t need a passport, heck they shouldn’t even have an accent other than the gentle southern drawl you find right here in Charleston. When you buy a Tails Wagon subscription you’re signing up for dog treats formulated by the most talented recipe formulators in South Carolina. We deliver them to you once a month in a variety that fits your pup’s needs. If your dog treats are sailing the seven seas, it’s time to look in your backyard for South Carolina’s best dog treats; Tails Wagon.

The Best Clean Treats

Dusty got the best surprise package yesterday. @tailswagonchs is launching their delivery service soon! They make the best clean treats. Clearly you can see Dusty’s excitement. They completely nailed everything. I had so much fun opening, and Dusty had even more fun eating.

Dusty’s mom, Lexi

All Natural

These all natural dried beef treats from @tailswagonchs is no jerk joke! It's the real deal — Mom says it looks like pieces of steak! We are loving the contents of this bag...

Jax & Harley

Barking Good Idea

A dog treat food truck that delivers — what a barking good idea! — Thanks @tailswagonchs.



Dog Biscuits

Battery Bacon Bites

A dry dog biscuit made with Chucktown Acres ground pork fat and free range eggs, a Tails Wagon best seller!

Duck Pucks

A dry dog biscuit made with Vital Mission Farm Duck Bone Broth. It’s packed with nutrients like collagen and glucosamine in their natural forms, delicious and healthy!

Pig Newtons

Chucktown Acres pig liver is the star ingredient and not only delivers massive flavor but also lots of healthy vitamins and minerals. It’s an all time pup favorite.

Mahi Morsels

These seasonal treats showcase the power of fish protein in both taste and healthy benefits. We add fresh apples and carrots for a burst of flavor and nutrition.

Grain Free PB Bites

Made with coconut flour, Chucktown Acres eggs and peanut butter, it’s the perfect treat for pups with sensitive stomachs.

TW Seasonal Jerky

Tails Wagon Dog Beef Jerky

Dehydrated London broil. No seasoning, no preservatives, protein in its simplest form.

More Selections To Come

Our recipe team is researching new formula combinations that use locally available proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables constantly. We’ll make sure you know about new treat releases as they happen!

Returning Soon to the TW Truck!

Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Pawfection

Peanut butter doggy ice cream
Add-On: B.O.B. (Battery Bite on the Bottom) +$1

Dog Biscuits

Minty Breath

Adluh Flour, vegetable broth, mint and other herbs

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